Monday 17 November 2014

Ice Dams and Collapse Insurance

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Tis the season of Thanksgiving eating & Christmas shipping.  Tis also the season of Ice Dams & Collapsed Roofs.  If the winter of 2013-2014 here in North Central Wisconsin taught us anything, it's that we had better be prepared for any weather.  Part of that preparation should be a talk with your Insurance Agent about your policy coverage.

Not all insurance policies are created equal.  Home Insurance, Farm Insurance and Business Insurance policies all have limitations and exclusions.  Some insurance policies limit or excluded altogether the damage caused by weight of ice, snow and sleet.  Insurance coverage exclusions on policies that cover detached garages, shed or other outbuildings are especially common.  Ice Damming, if no attempt to remove it is made, could be considered a maintenance issue and thereby excluded from coverage.  Some companies are even clarifying the difference between build up of ice and snow and wind damage.  Meaning that:  Collapse from weight and build up of ice, snow and sleet due to blowing wind will still be considered Collapse (and possibly excluded) and will NOT be considered damage due to wind which would be covered.  Another thing to consider is if your building isn't covered and it collapses, the personal property inside the building is not covered either!

It's November and we are already have icicles hanging from our office building.  Don't let the winter of 2014-2015 catch you under the load of heavy, wet snow.  Call today and schedule a coverage review of your policy.